Commissioned family portrait for Mark Hayward of Dingley Dell Pork, Suffolk, UK.

Acrylic and Oils on Wooden Board 8ft x 5ft

Ed Sheeran MBE "=" (Pronounced equal)

Acrylic on Canvas. 4ft x 4ft.

"Rebel with a cause".  Dame Vivienne Westwood DBE RDI.
Acrylic on canvas. 5ft x 4ft. 4"

Jarvis Cocker Off “yer” trolley!

Acrylic and Oil on canvas 3ft x 3.8"

Lovers selfie

Acrylic on canvas 2ft. x 2ft 6"

Her Majesty, Joan Collins

Oils and acrylic on wooden board 4ft x 5ft

Mr Beanstalk, Rowan Atkinson

Acrylic on canvas 3ft 8" x 3ft 8"

Viva George Michael

Oils and acrylic on board 2ft 4" x 4ft

Hanging out with Buster

Oils on canvas 2ft 7" x 2ft

Who's calling? Peter Capaldi Dr Who.

Acrylic on wooden board 7ft 8" x 4ft

 © 2019 - Michelle Deyna-Hayward. All images and text remain the property of Michelle Deyna-Hayward.

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